How to Clear Full Scratch Disks on Mac

How to Clear Full Scratch Disks on Mac

Postby Juile » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:01 pm

Actually, if you want to solve the full scratch disk problem, you would need to delete temp files and clear the disk space. Some people may assign a new scratch disk(change a hard drive you want and set it as your scratch disk) to fix the error, but you are not recommended to do so as the problem has not been actually solved. And the other problem is, when you assign a new scratch disk, it can also get full after some times using. And for some Mac users, there is only one hard drive in it. In this way, please check the following two methods to solve the problem correctly.

Method 1. Free Up Scratch Disk Manually

1. Clear Your Disk Space

Please go to your Mac drive and find out the contents which are useless or you don’t want to keep any more, delete them to free up the space. For the media files such as old videos, photos or audios you don’t want to use recently, you can transfer them to a external drive or the cloud storage.

2. Delete Temp Files
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