Float Note v1.1 Released

Float Note v1.1 Released

Postby x-caiver » Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:41 pm

Float Note v1.1 is now available through Apple's Mac App Store.

Float Note provides a single note taking window that appears on top of all your other windows. You can easily show/hide it through a shortcut key or menu item. When active the Float Note window appears above most other windows. This gives you quick access to your important info, without pulling you out of the work you are doing.

Update 1.1 is tested to work with Lion and includes the following changes, in addition to 'bug fixes':
  • Unicode and bidi text support
  • Customize the font, size, and color on a per-letter basis
  • Left/Right/Center Justification on a per-paragraph basis
  • Add a link to the Xada Tech Support Forum in the menu - you are already here, but App Store users often try to use Apple's "Review" form to submit issues, which is really not useful
  • New preference to automatically start upon login - not everyone knew how to use System Preferences to configure login items
  • Removed ability to use Command-Q to quit - that was causing confusion, if the note had the input focus still and a user was trying to quit whatever application they were using they'd quite Float Note instead. Now you have to select 'Quit' from the Float Note menu item to quit it.

For more information visit the Float Note information page.
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